Use these free types of galaxies cards to take a journey through our cosmos in your Montessori elementary classroom or homeschool!

Types of Galaxies Cards

Have you already introduced the First Great Lesson? Or perhaps you are presenting a lesson on space and the cosmos! Ready to take your classroom on a cosmic journey? Blast off with our types of galaxies 3-part cards – the perfect way to explore and learn more about all kinds of incredible galaxies!

The images and information cards showing each galaxy will feel like a journey through our cosmos!

There are so many different galaxies within our universe!

Galaxies 3-Part Cards

This pack comes with a set of 3-part cards showing images of different types of galaxies. We cover the 4 main types of galaxies (spiral, elliptical, peculiar, and irregular) and more!

This is the type of work that can leave an impression! The images are either realistic renderings or actual images taken from space.

Leave space for conversations and open-ended questions. Ask the children what is something that they notice? What are the differences between some types of galaxies? Why do they think different types of form as they do?

Wow! There’s so much to discuss!

Look it up together!

If your children have questions to which you don’t know the answers – what a fabulous learning opportunity for you both! Spend some time researching together. Say to your child something along the lines of “hmm, I’m not sure, let’s learn about this together.”

This will show your children that you (the teacher-guide) are not the all-knowing-holder-of-all-knowledge-ever. You’re human and there’s always more to learn! In fact, during my training, we discussed how an important part of being a Montessori guide is being a life-long learner! You’ll show your children that you can learn something new together. Isn’t that wonderful?

Another important part of this is that you can show your children how to conduct research. Whether you use technology or some encyclopedias, this is an important skill to teach your children.

Types of galaxies and terminology covered:

  • spiral
  • elliptical
  • peculiar
  • irregular
  • shell galaxy
  • barred spiral galaxy
  • super-luminous spiral
  • interacting galaxies
  • ultra diffuse galaxy
  • dwarf
  • starburst
  • radio galaxy
  • luminous infrared galaxy

Do you see the cute hand in the photo? I couldn’t print these fast enough before my children were eagerly working with them! This may be the reason some of the cards are cut a bit messily – we had to be quick!

Tip: offer a magnifying glass to your students.
You can suggest that they explore the details on the cards.
Maybe they will be inspired to create their own artwork based on these images!

Cover page

We included a cover page to help you store your 3-part cards.

We use small plastic envelopes to store collections of 3-part cards. Use tape to secure the cover onto the envelope so that you can easily identify the theme. These covers also work nicely as a display on your shelves.

Information Cards

Use the information cards to discover more about each type of galaxy! This can be so fascinating!

Honestly, we were just enthralled with these cards – the whole family was engaged 🌌

The text on these types of galaxies information cards is more appropriate for elementary aged children as opposed to primary. Perhaps your children may even be inspired to conduct research on their own!

Research pages for lower elementary

With elementary aged children, you can choose from three research templates included in this types of galaxies pack. Basic templates allow children to write a small description of choice. I also created a more detailed research page that older children can use to dig deeper into our universe!

Types of Research pages

  1. Simple – the child can add a few descriptive sentences or words
  2. Guided – the child can write an example of this type of galaxy, a short description, and an interesting fact.
  3. Detailed – draw a picture, describe the galaxy, offer an example and more!

Choose the format that fits your needs and that of your children. We were partial to this one:

Offer an encyclopedia or access to technology for children to conduct research about a galaxy beyond the information provided in this set.

Encyclopedia recommendations

There are several books that we have enjoyed as a follow up to Great Lesson 1. A few suggestions that would work well with our types of galaxies cards are:

  • The Mysteries of the Universe
  • Knowledge Encyclopedia: Space!

Consider borrowing these titles from your local library.


Take it further – offer the children black paper and paint. They can paint their own galaxies.

Use the cards as inspiration for the type of galaxy they will create!

Download free printable

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