Montessori Sorting Cards: Hot or Cold

Sorting cards is a great way to develop important pre-reading skills! You can use our free Montessori sorting cards for your students to sort hot vs cold objects! Let’s see how to use them!

Hot VS Cold Sorting Cards

This set of printables comes with ten cards representing hot or cold objects/images. Children must look at the cards and sort them based on whether the image depicts something hot or cold.

What’s the benefit of working on such an activity?

Why use Sorting Cards

Sorting cards help children to build vocabulary, understand the world around them, work on logic and reasoning skills, as well as to practice grouping related items together.

When sorting, children will develop their ability to distinguish different attributes of objects. Sorting work requires children to look at different objects and determine if they can be grouped together based on similarities. Because the images are all showing different objects belonging to the different categories, it can be quite a challenge for young children!

How to use sorting cards

You can present the cards, labels, and answer key to the children. The labels and sorting cards are colour coded. The red border indicates hot objects and the blue border indicates cold objects. The colourful borders serve as a control of error.

If you would like to use a more discreet control of error, you can cut off the border and add blue or red dot stickers to the back of the cards.

In addition, an answer is provided so that children can check their own work independently.

Download Free Printable

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