Marine Animal Collective Nouns

Collective nouns refer to a group of animals, people or things. Let’s learn about marine animals and the collective nouns used to refer to them! To go along with the lessons, we have created a free resource for you to use with your students all about marine animal collective nouns!

Marine Animal Collective Nouns

Three-part cards

Some collective nouns can be quite fun even! A galaxy of sea stars! Or a fever of stingrays!

To help children learn these interesting nouns, we began with a set of 3-part cards.

First, you can introduce the new vocabulary to your students by using our 3-part cards. Use a 3-period lesson to teach the child any new terms. Next, children can use the cards independently to help them retain the new vocabulary.

These cards feature real images, as well as the collective nouns referring to the group of marine animals.

While our nine-year old was sick with a double ear infection, he decided to work on this as a bit of a distraction. It worked out and he really enjoyed working on these new nouns! Some of these names made him laugh!

Marine Animal Collective Nouns Activity

Next, children can practice vocabulary with the collective noun cards.

Children can match the cards for the collective noun and the group card. Image cards are also included in this set.

Next, children can use the control card to check their work.

As the image shows, the noun cards have a black border. This corresponds to the color of a noun in the Montessori grammar box.


Switch it up! There are more ways to use this material!

  • Offer the image cards with the movable alphabet. Children can write the collective nouns using the movable alphabet.
  • Offer slips of paper and image cards. Children can make their own word cards.
  • Make it a research activity – children can look up new collective nouns.

For your convenience

Psst! This resource comes in print and cursive. This means you only need to print the pages that have the font that you prefer! Select the option that fits your needs.

It’s also editable! You can change the language and text! Just make sure to save as in order to keep your changes.

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