Mapping the Seas of the Moon

Did you know there are seas on the Moon? The seas on the Moon are vast, dark, flat areas on the lunar surface, known as “maria.” Despite their names, these lunar seas are not actual bodies of water. They were formed by ancient volcanic activity. Fascinating!

Pin Flags: Seas of the Moon

Let’s explore the lunar landscape! This material is from Great Lesson 1 in HOKA Elementary.

Introduce your children to the seas of the Moon with a hands-on Pin Flag activity!

This activity is not only educational but also interactive! It is an excellent tool for introducing your children to the Moon, while simultaneously developing their fine motor skills.

You will need:

✔️ map of the moon (included in HOKA)
✔️ Seas of the Moon flag cards (included in HOKA)
✔️ toothpicks or pins
✔️ tape
✔️ optional: cork sheet

Steps for the Activity

Preparation: Cut out the individual slips of the Seas of the Moon flag cards.

Assembly: Attach small cards featuring the names of the seas onto toothpicks using tape. This step enhances fine motor skills as children carefully work with small components.

Setting Up: Offer your children the map of the Moon alongside the pin flags. You may want to provide a cork mat or a piece of recycled cardboard to prevent damaging any surfaces.

Exploration: Watch as your explorers use their pin flags to mark the Seas of the Moon just like Kiran’s daughter in these gorgeous photos she shared with us! 

Why Pin Flags

By using the pin flags to teach children about the seas of the Moon, this activity becomes a hands-on work! Physical interaction with learning materials to help children understand and retain the information they are being presented.

Children create stronger mental connections and enhances memory retention when learning through hands-on work. They are not just passive recipients of information; handling the flag cards and map allows children to learn about the Moon’s geography in a tactile, engaging way.

Children are directly interacting and manipulating the materials! They touch something! Plus, it´s fun!


Children can also label the map by simply writing the name of the corresponding sea on the correct spot.

Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words ,but by experiences in the environment.

Dr Maria Montessori

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