Life Cycle of a Star

Dive into the cosmic wonders of the universe as we embark on an journey through the life cycle of a star. Whether you’re guiding your young learners through the Great Lessons or simply seeking to spark curiosity about the mysteries of the universe, these engaging resources are a stellar addition to your Montessori toolkit.

Life Cycle of a Star 4-Part Cards

Begin by introducing vocabulary with a set of 3-part cards.

In addition to 3-part cards, older children can use the definition cards to learn new and interesting facts about each stage!

As with all of my life cycle materials, this one comes with spinners, too! However, a star can develop in different ways! This means 3 different spinners (and other activities) are included for your children to discover.

Life Cycle Mats and Cut & Paste

Drawing from the Montessori method’s emphasis on sensorial exploration, you can see how my friend Laura from @MontessoriInspiredCo used the circles from the life cycle mats. She elevated the experience by securing images onto black wooden disks. The contrast of textures and colors adds an immersive quality to the activity.

My youngest glued her life cycle mats into her journal. This was entirely child led!

Extension Tip: Offer a notebook and pencils. Elementary students can keep a notebook of definitions for new terms. They can also draw and colour their own versions of the life cycles.

Handwriting Practice

For extra handwriting practice, you can use the writing strips. Children can work on penmanship with the word strips.

A cover page is also included so you can turn the cards into a small book.

Structure of the Sun

If we are studying the life cycle of a star, why not explore our own star? Let’s look at the internal structure of our sun!

Children can label the layers of the sun. We also have a black and white mat included in case your students wish to colour the images, as well.

Tip: offer different media to the children, such as watercolour, coloured pencils, crayons, torn strips of tissue paper. Offer children the choice of how to create their images.

Felt Sun

To go along with the labeling activity, you can make a puzzle of the sun using felt. Use the Anatomy of the Sun poster to help guide you when making the felt sun. Children can assemble the pieces and make their own labels.

Sun craft

Children can make their own sun craft. After all, our sun is a star! This craft focuses on the internal structure of our sun. Children can glue the different layers together, and color the images.

My daughter had a blast with this one!

The sun should open and each layer will be labeled. Older children that are writing can write a small sentence or some words describing each layer.

… and more!

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