Use these Hanukkah 3-part cards to introduce your students to interesting facts about Hannukkah and key terms.

Hanukkah 3-Part Cards

Hanukkah takes place each year around December, but the exact dates change annually. Hanukkah is also referred to as the festival of lights. For my family, we keep the celebrations small – we focus on calm evenings together. We light the candles and say a small prayer. To help teach my children about Hanukkah and some of the key vocabulary, I have a set of Hanukkah 4-part cards. ⁠

Hanukkah 3-Part Cards

What Are 3-Part Cards

3-part cards are a material that you can see in any Montessori classroom you enter. They are called 3-part cards because they consist of 3-parts:

  • The image card
  • The label card
  • The control card consisting of both the image and the written word

Children that are reading or lower elementary aged students can use the definition cards, as well. Our Hanukkah definitions cards definitions set also contains 3-parts: 

  1. control card
  2. definition card
  3. label card

Why Use 3-Part Cards

Using 3 part cards is a great for helping children to understand and master information. In this case, children learn about a variety of of feelings. You can present this material to help children see a real face paired with the emotion described.

Please Note: In using 3-part cards, the goal is not the child to complete a matching work, but rather to fully grasp the information presented on the cards.

Hanukkah 3-Part Card Presentation:

  1. Take the tray and place it on your mat on the ground (or table, wherever you work).
  2. Lay out the image cards in front of you.
  3. Leave enough space for control cards to the right of each image card, and labels underneath each image card.
  4. Say the name of each image as you present it.
  5. Your child can say the word with you, if they wish. Next, match the label cards to the image cards.
  6. Place them underneath each image card. Check your work by adding the control cards to the right of each image card.
  7. Gather the materials, and put them back on the tray. Bring the tray back to its spot on the shelving unit.

Now it’s your child’s turn!

To make this material even more interactive, you can add fruit figurines or real fruit for them to match to the cards.

The key to 3-part cards is not that the child should simply memorize the words. We are aiming for the child to truly learn the material presented. This means that your child will need to practice using the same set of cards several times. Remember, repetition is key for mastery!

They may even make errors when using this work. It is not necessary to point this out to the child. After you have made the initial presentation, you can observe your child using this material.

Three part cards are self correcting. Your child will be able to see if an error has been made when they are matching the control cards to the set. If you do notice that your child is making repeated errors or is becoming frustrated, you may want to repeat a presentation of the material again.

DIY Hanukkah Cards

Your students can also make their own set of Hanukkah 3-part cards using the templates provided. They can color the images and write the word on the bottom of the cards.

This is a great way to practice their knowledge of the new vocabulary. I let my children decide if they will use the control card with the written word or if they will write the label from memory.

Using the control card, seeing the new word, and writing it still will help them to learn the correct spelling and commit it to memory. This is not a “test” of knowledge, but rather practice.

Multi-Age Classroom

Before my daughter was writing, she was very interested in her older brother’s work. I would be sure to print multiple copies of these black and white cards. This way, my oldest could write and color the cards, making his own complete working set of 3-part cards. At the same time, my youngest could also participate in the classroom by coloring and learning the spoken vocabulary.

Get the printables

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