Free Thanksgiving Color Sorting

Use these free Thanksgiving color sorting cards to set-up a fun activity for your toddler or preschooler this fall! Combine with manipulatives for a hands-on work!

Use these free Thanksgiving color sorting cards to set-up a fun activity for your toddler or preschooler this fall! Combine with manipulatives for a hands-on work!

You know that feeling when an activity just comes together? When it hits that sweet spot of child’s interest, easy-peasy prep work, and everything just flows so easily! These Thanksgiving Color Sorting cards absolutely hit our sweet spot! They are perfect for practicing color names and color matching. Plus, these turkey color cards are great for a preschool Thanksgiving activity!

Thanksgiving Color Cards

Age: You can use these materials for children approximately between the ages of 2-4.

How to prepare

For the best quality printing, it is important to use the paper and ink that is recommended for your specific printer. I used photo paper for this set of Turkey Color Cards. After printing, I rounded the corners using a corner punch.

Presenting Thanksgiving Color Cards

To present this material, I would keep it simple in order to avoid confusing or over stimulating the child or children.

You do not need manipulatives with this set of Thanksgiving color cards, but you can use some if you want or if your child needs an additional challenge.

Consider present a bowl of several related objects alongside the cards. You can ask your child to sort the manipulatives next to the Turkey Color Cards.

Ideas for manipulatives:

you could use include:

  • feathers (our choice) beads
  • pom poms
  • pumpkin seeds
  • colored blocks

How many cards to present?

If your children are not very familiar with colors, you can provide a three-period lesson using the solid color cards. Also, begin with fewer colors in order to avoid overwhelm. You can introduce primary colors (red, blue, yellow) at this point. If the child is already familiar with colors, you can use all of the cards.


Keep these Thanksgiving color cards on a tray. Keep two stacks of cards on the tray separately – one stack on the left should contain the solid color cards, the other on the right should contain the turkey color cards.

First, lay out all of the solid color cards from this set. You can name each of the colors to your child as you place them on the table. Make sure there is enough space to place the turkey color cards next to each color match. Next, take the first of the Turkey cards. Place it next to the first color card. Say out loud to the child, “Are they a match?”

Your child may answer at this point, or she may not. Regardless, you should answer the question, as well. You can say “yes, they are a match” or “no, they are not a match.” If the cards are a match, leave the turkey card next to it’s color card.

Then, take another turkey card and repeat the entire process. If the cards are not a match, take your turkey card and place it next to the second color card. Repeat the steps again from here. You can continue in this way until all of the cards have been matched.

When each turkey color card and solid color card has been matched, you can go through each card and say the name of it’s color.

When you have finished, you should clean up the cards and place them back on the tray. The cards should be placed onto the tray so that it is neat and tidy. The work is only finished when the material has been cleaned up.

Now, you can invite the child to use the work. You can say, “Feel free to use this material whenever you like.” Some children will choose to use a material immediately after the presentation. Other children will need time to think about what they have seen and may return to it later.

Both of these situations are a-okay! Please remember to follow the child. If he does not want to use the material straight away and also does not return to it later, there may be several reasons for this. The child may not be ready to use it yet. It may be too easy.

It may not be interesting for him right now. All of these situations can also happen. If you do find that this is the case, you can observe your child, and make notes of the types of activities she is drawn to. Then, you can provide more opportunities to work on those skills that she is interested in at the time.

How we used these cards

Thinking and matching the colors. We still need to work on working neatly, but loooook at those adorable fingers!

Yes, there is a tape measure on the table because our child insisted on measuring each card and it was the cutest!

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