DIY Pin Map of North America

Pin maps are a great way to learn about different countries, their capitals, and/or their flags! Let’s explore a DIY you can prepare to teach your Montessori children about North America. This pin map of North America activity is a wonderful addition to your geography and culture shelves.

Pin Maps of North America

These North America maps activities are ideal for a Montessori primary classroom and lower elementary aged students.

Children will not only learn about the countries of North America, but they will also be developing their fine motor skills and concentration!

This DIY was fairly quick to make using the printables available in our Maps of North America Pack and a few additional materials.

In order to prepare the activity for use in your classroom, you should gather the following items. First, you should print the flags and the maps that you will be using.

Maps of North America

Please note, that there are multiple variations of the maps included in this printable file.

There are multiple versions included in our pin map of North America pack! One set of maps features the flags of each country. Another version has a red dot for each of the capital cities. The capital cities are also labeled on this map. In addition, a blank map is included.

All of the maps included come in black and white as well as in colour.

You will need:

After you print the flags, cut out each of the strips.

The flags feature the name of the country and it’s capital city on the back. You need to fold the flags in the middle. Be careful not to cut apart the flag and the country name.

Next, get your pins or toothpicks. Click here to see a good option for pins for this project! We used toothpicks because we have not been able to find pins here that we like, and we already had toothpicks!

Next use double sided tape to secure the pin or toothpick in place. Fold over the other side of the flag. Viola! The pins are ready!

Now, let’s select the type of maps that we need.

Children can use the map above as a control of error. They can match the flag pins to the flags on the map page.

Children can find the capital city on the maps. The red circles indicate where the child can poke the pin. The same map is also provided without the name of each country. Offer the unlabeled version to children who are using this material as repetition and to practice retention.

Present the Flags of North America

Now, the child can work with the material! Let’s get the presentation together!

To present this material, we need a cork board. Note: you may want to use another layer of cork or make sure you get a thicker one. This can protect the surface you are working on from getting damaged. It is also sturdy and nice to use when poking the pins through the maps.

Some parents use cardboard underneath their pin poking materials, but I find that can be quite difficult for the child to get the pin in far enough. It can be somewhat inconvenient. Cork is our go-to for mapping work, and we use foam mats for pin poking specifically.

We placed the flags on the left side. The child can select a flag, and then poke it through the correct spot.

Now the child can get to work! Happy learning!

Have you presented this material yet? Let us know what your children think of it!

More North America Printables


Please do note: the full North America theme and resources are available to HOKA Club members, including our guide that will help to break down the month. Our guide also has several tutorials showing you how to add hands-on activities to this unit study. You can learn more about the HOKA programme here.

For now, you can download some of the materials included in this article above.

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