Dive into the enchanting world of sea stars with our collection of engaging Montessori activities, perfect for teaching primary-aged children

Discover the Wonders of Sea Stars Montessori Activities

Dive into the enchanting world of sea stars with our collection of engaging Montessori activities, perfect for teaching primary-aged children (ages 3-6) about the fascinating life cycle of these captivating marine creatures. Uncover the beauty and mystery of sea stars through hands-on learning experiences that will spark curiosity and nurture a love for marine biology in your little learners. With our easy-to-follow Montessori-based activities, educators and homeschoolers alike can create an immersive, educational journey that’s both fun and informative. Let’s explore the magical life cycle of sea stars together!

Sea Star Montessori Activities

Our sea star printables offer a wide range of hands-on learning activities that will captivate and excite your students. From vocabulary building to sequencing skills, memory enhancement to logical reasoning, this collection has it all. Your students will develop a deeper understanding of the sea star life cycle while engaging their minds and strengthening essential skills.

Before starting a deep dive of a particular theme (like our ocean theme here!), be sure to collect some related books or resources from your local library. Kids encyclopedias are wonderful resources to help children discover more about the lives of sea stars!

Sea Star 3-Part Cards

Use our Life Cycle of a Sea Star 3-part cards to introduce your students to their different stages of development. These cards serve as effective vocabulary building tools and can be used for reading practice or as engaging sequencing activities. By working with these cards, students will enhance their memory, logic and reasoning, and sequencing skills, all while exploring the fascinating journey of a sea star’s life.

After introducing the new vocabulary to your students, they may wish to practice spelling and making their own sentences! Offer the movable alphabet and see what they come up with! The movable alphabet is a fantastic way for children experiment with sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary in a hands-on and engaging manner.

The information cards provide additional details or facts about the subject of study. They can be used as an extension activity or for independent research. They encourage further exploration and research skills, allowing students to delve deeper into the topic at their own pace.

Using both the 3-part cards and information cards together provides a multi-dimensional learning experience. It enhances vocabulary development, promotes visual and word recognition skills, fosters research and independent learning, and cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject matter being studied.


Enrich your students’ understanding of sea stars with our anatomy activities. Use the included anatomy posters to guide your students in labeling the various parts of a sea star. These sea stars Montessori activities will be sure to engage your students!

Tip: Craft a felt sea star! Children will love peeling back the felt layer to discover the internal anatomy of the sea star below.

Children can use the cards provided to label the parts of a sea star. Switch it up! Children can make their own labels on slips of paper!

Booklet Making

Get ready for a delightful hands-on activity that will bring the sea star life cycle to life! Your children will be so excited to create their very own mini book about the life cycle of a sea star!

Each card features a stage of the sea star life cycle. Children can colour or pain the illustrations. With a designated gray “binding” space on the cards, teachers or parents can easily secure them together, transforming them into an adorable booklet.

This activity not only encourages creativity but also serves as a valuable reading resource. Each life cycle phase is labeled on the cards, allowing children to “read” the terms as they explore their little booklets. Your students will be thrilled to revisit their personalized creations again and again.

Gluing work

Offer the Sea Star Life Cycle Mat plus circle cards to the children. We also use glue in a small bowl with a paint brush. I tend to add the glue to a small bowl or container after the children select this work to prevent it from drying out. Alternatively, a glue stick or bottle would work.

A poster is included that can serve as a control of error.

Math and Counting

Get ready for an exciting math adventure with our sea star-themed activities that focus on counting and number skills!

With our number strips, children can practice essential math concepts such as counting, number order, counting on, and skip counting. For an engaging twist, optional number mats are included, providing a designated space for arranging the puzzles. To enhance the learning experience, Montessori number beads can be introduced alongside the puzzles.

Children will have a blast placing the puzzle pieces in order and then matching them with the corresponding number beads, reinforcing their understanding of numerals and quantities. The visually stunning images of the sea stars will captivate children’s attention and inspire them to explore further.

Switch it up! Make your own!

For those who love to express their creativity, the blank mats offer an opportunity to design their very own number puzzles, allowing for personalized learning and artistic expression.

Get ready to dive into the world of numbers with these captivating activities!

Types of Echinoderm

Use these 3-part cards to introduce your students to different types of echinoderm, including sea stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers. These ocean themed language activities or use them in your Montessori classroom!

These cards come with REAL images of different echinoderm!

I really recommend offering a magnifying glass for children to explore the details on the cards. Afterwards, they may be inspired to create some echinoderm art! Maybe they can make their own sea stars using clay? Or perhaps they will grab their watercolour paints and create the most colourful sea star!

Get the printables

Are you ready to create your own Pond Life activities? Get your set of Layers of the Pond Printables below:

HOKA Primary

The activities discussed here are included in the HOKA Primary Ocean Theme. Are you ready to join us as we embark on a journey filled with exploration, creativity, and a whole lot of fun? To explore oceans, continents, biomes, and more?

Then the HOKA Club is the place for you!

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