Christmas Preschool Activities Hands-on

Christmas Preschool Activities

Use these fun thematic preschool Christmas activities to create engaging, hands-on holiday learning activities for your students. Use these Christmas preschool activities to practice counting, number quantity, number order, or even number writing! These Christmas preschool activities include letter activities that your students can use to practice letter formation, matching upper and lower case, and more!

Christmas themed preschool activities

Here is an overview of our preschool Christmas themed early learning activities!

You can see that there are not too many activities on the shelves. This is a home space and wouldn’t be exactly the way we would set this up in a school with more room.

There is one book on our shelves, facing forward. This is a counting book and is on a spot on the shelves next to the counting work.

Also, we generally set-up the activities to get more challenging as you move from left to right and from up to down.

Christmas Close-Up Cards

Close-up Cards tend to be a favorite around here! Children love to look for the small details on the cards! This set also comes with control cards.

We presented the close-up cards in a green, little bag! Small touches like this can be a great point of interest and can draw in the child!

Consider securing the circle cards onto wooden disks use Mod Podge.

You can switch it up! Use the cards in a different way – alongside the Montessori Color Box 3.

Christmas Math and Counting

Let’s practice some Christmas themed math and counting! We often receive requests for tens frames up to 20! Here’s some Christmas themed counting and some ways to use our tens frames:

  1. Use with a manipulative! We used these adorable wreaths that I purchased from a craft store. ⁠
  2. Use printable cards⁠⁠
  3. Offer clay for the child to roll into little balls. What a great fine motor activity!⁠⁠
  4. Use with pony beads or pom-poms ⁠

Another counting activity we love is to make number towers. This is a nice combination of fine motor and hand-eye coordination practice alongside counting! ⁠

⁠To make your Santa or snowperson head, follow these instructions:

  • ⁠Cut out the mouth of the figure you choose. ⁠ ⁠
  • Next trace the mouth onto the paper bag
  • ✂️ Cut out the hole on the paper bag
  • Glue the head onto the bag ⁠ ⁠
  • Cut out all of the number cards and manipulatives
  • ☕️ 😋 Nom nom, they’re ready to eat! ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

To use this material, children should select a number card, and then feed the character that quantity of objects. ⁠ ⁠Use the printables offered or manipulatives, such as pom-poms.

Tip: Children who have mastered counting can practice addition or subtraction skills! Ask them to select two cards, add the numbers together, and then feed that quantity to the figure.

Writing Strips

Children can practice writing numbers with these themed cards!

Don’t forget to offer a pencil and a pencil sharpener if needed.

You can laminate the cards for repeated use.


There are a few fun Christmas themed shapes activities you can present to your students!

Christmas Shapes Wheel

Make a shapes wheel to practice shape matching! These fun Christmas tree shapes are not “standard”. Children will need to look carefully to match them to the plain shapes on the wheel. You can add a fine motor component by attaching the shapes to clothespins!

Add Velcro to the clothes pins and Christmas trees so that you can re-use the clothes pins with different printables. You can watch our video explanation about this here.

Decorate the tree

Your little one can find which ornament goes on which tree! This is a tricky activity because the trees and ornaments are not identical! Children have to look carefully at the different shapes.

You can separate the shapes strips from several trees. Children can cut out the actual shapes and then sort them. This adds a shape sorting component to the gluing activity.

Alternatively, you can prep this activity by cutting out the individual ornaments beforehand. • Children can then sort the ornaments onto the corresponding shape tree!

Non-standard measurement

Non-standard measurement can be an interesting way to practice measurement. Children can use cubes, the printable ruler provided, or a regular ruler. A recording page is provided, as well.

Offer the recording sheets for children to write their answers.

Visual discrimination

Christmas sweater matching! This is a fun and cute one! This is a great pre-reading activity. Children need to look closely at the images in order to discern the matching sets. Reading will also require children to look closely at symbols (letters).

Children will need to look carefully – the images are not identical.


Add some colorful sand to your writing tray! We added a few sprinkles, too!

Tip: add a white sheet of paper underneath the sand. This will make the letter or line the child makes in the sand more distinct.

You can use this tray alongside pre-writing strips or with letter cards!

Ideas for use with letter cards:

  • Match upper- and lower-case letters
  • Use with a sand tray
  • Use with a sensory bin to “hide” the letters
  • Tracing work
  • Find the letters on the mat
  • Match cards to wooden letters
  • Make sight words

Letter Mat

Children can select one of the letter cards. Next, they can find the same letter on the mats. Use a stamp marker or a manipulative to cover that letter.

Emotions sorting

Children can sort the images based on the emotion being represented.

These are cute little images. However, they should not be used to introduce different emotions. However, this activity can be a fun holiday themed follow up.

Christmas Practical Life

There are many practical life activities one can present. This year, I kept it simple:

Fine motor strips

Offer the child the Christmas strips. Children can make the line using a manipulative such as mini pom-poms.

This is so hard! Ohh watch out! It’s easy to bump the line! This activity requires a great deal of concentration and fine motor skills!

Switch it up: Instead of pom-poms, offer clay. Children can form the line in clay. You can let it harden and then they can paint the lines.


With art, I also offered only a few open ended ideas. We are keeping things simple as the year comes to an end and so many of us are tired!

Stencils and stamping are quick to set-up but can be so fun! For first plane children, we would typically present the materials needed for the activity on a tray.

When the children reach the second plane, we could store art materials on shelves. Older children can gather the materials they need even if they are not all together on a tray.

Christmas Pin Poking

Of course, there has to be a pin poking work!

Your students can use a push pin to cut out the image on the cards along the solid lines. Then, the child may choose to decorate the image by coloring it, placing stickers on it, or gluing decorative pieces onto it.

A note on safety: Our push pin is not sharp and is large. Using a large push pin is very important, especially with younger children. Small push pins should not be used with children that still place objects in their mouths.

Scissor Strips

Children can snip the images.

Save the snipped cards for a gluing activity later!

Get the printables

You can see more printables and activity ideas below:

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