Use these fun beginning sound activities to help beginning readers gain confidence and practice learning letter sounds.

Beginning Sounds Activities

Let’s explore some beginning sounds activities! Use these fun beginning sound activities to help beginning readers gain confidence and practice learning letter sounds. They are a fun way to practice those essential skills for beginning readers!

These activities will help children to practice writing letters and beginning sounds. Recognizing and being able to identify letter sounds will help your children to develop foundational reading skills.

Beginning Sounds Mats

First, we have some rainbow writing and gluing work. This one was tested by our daughter!

Each circle is 5,08 cm or 2” in size. Use a circle puncher for easier prep. Children can glue the images onto the letter mats based on their beginning sounds.

The letters are quite large and children can colour them in. These are great for rainbow writing! Ask the child to form the letter within the lines over and over again. You can provide different colored pencils, markers, or crayons.

Eventually, the letter begins to look like a rainbow once so many colors have been used. If you wish to reuse the rainbow writing cards, then you can laminate them.

Instead of using colored pencils, you can offer dry erase markers to your child(ren).

Switch it up: Instead of offering just the circle cards, secure them onto wooden disks using Mod Podge. This will give the circles a very fun dimension.

Check their work:

Write the beginning sound on the back of the circles so children can check their work independently.

We did include answer keys. This also lets you know exactly what object and letter sound are intended to be represented by each image. I can’t tell how often I get confused because I’m not sure what an image is supposed to represent when we have used other materials. To avoid this, we included answer strips with the name of objects and the images used for each letter. You can see them on the photo below:

We recently purchased a manual pencil sharpener. This has been a fabulous practical life material. The children need to spin the handle to sharpen the pencil which is a great hand strengthening work! Cleaning up after using the sharpener is another important step. We keep a small hand broom nearby in case of spills.

Letter wheels

Use the wheels as clip cards! Offer clothespins alongside the wheels. These are a fun way to add some fine motor work to the beginning sound exercises!

Children can clip the objects that begin with the indicated letter. 5 objects are included per card and 3 begin with the indicated letter sound. Your little one can place a clothes pin on the objects that begin with the indicated letter sound.

Offer a way for children to check their work by drawing a dot or adding a dot sticker on the back of the correct images.

Writing Practice

Practice penmanship with these letter strips. Children can focus on forming small and neat letters with these mats.

Our daughter has been very interested in writing and practicing letter formation. These mats have given her that repetition that she has been seeking. If you have a student or one of your children who enjoys colouring or wants that practice forming letters, these mats can be a great way to do just that!

Get the printables here

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