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We are a Montessori family with two sweet children. We have a passion for education, teaching, and sharing fun learning activities for your students!

We share resources for educators and parents all over the world. You can find a plethora of educational resources, and articles about the Montessori Method.

We also share different tips for raising children in a bilingual environment. Since we speak four languages in our home, we have many ideas!

Another main topic for discussion around here is disability and life with paralysis.

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Hands-on Kids Activities Club

You don’t have to spend hours going down the Pinterest rabbit hole, searching Instagram for ideas and spending your money on every bundle that comes across your feed.

It’s time to scale back, focus, and get into a steady, productive rhythm that’s good for you and your students.

What Others Are Saying

“The Hands-on Kids Activities Club is one of those rare surprises everyone hopes to find. This club offers great value for a small cost and includes printables, opportunities for training and connects you with others in the field who are experiencing the same issues that you are. All members share a great deal of information and you can find all of your planning resources, as well. Not only that, but the Club just keeps getting better! New resources each month, artist studies, continent materials, challenges, and training! This is one resource I wouldn’t do without!”


“I run a 16 child in-home Montessori school, and have four of my own children. I love creating materials for my classroom, however; there are not enough hours in the week to curate photos, create layouts, cut, laminate, cut again and assemble. HOKA provides a plethora of materials to choose from and I can pick the styles and themes that best suit my classroom. My membership has provided me with more time to teach, inspiration through community challenges, and bonus trainings.”


“The Hands-On Kids Activities Club is a tremendous value for the money. The materials offered are well-organized into seasonal activities and other monthly topics that were chosen from members’ preferences.

Both Katherine and Yuliya have created a supportive group who listen to the needs of their members. The quality of the materials and use of real images are especially appealing to me.
This club has saved me time and energy in scouring the internet for ideas!”


Hands-on Kids Activities Club

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Welcome! This is the place to discover creative, hands-on ideas that you can use in your classroom! Whether you are a teacher or a homeschooler, we’re here to help you inspire a love of learning in your students by providing you with the resources you need to rock this school year!